“You don’t have the right to insult my family and friends” – Paul Okoye slams Davido

Singer Paul Okoye has expressed strong reservations against for Davido calling out his friends and family.


Earlier today, Davido took to his Twitter account to slam those who went to Peter and Paul Okoye’s birthday separately.

Paul made it clear that Davido has no right to insult his family as he clearly stated his disappointment.




Paul took to his IG story writing;


“On what level, and what audacity do you have to call my family and friends p.u.s.s.y…. bro has it come to this? Am highly disappointed with you…You don’t have the right to insult my family and friends…. That’s f*cked up.

For your infor….90% of those that came to mine still went to his…. Same the other way round. And I respect their decision.” he wrote.




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