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‘Zombie Drug’ claims 11 lives in the UK

A deadly drug known as ‘tranq’ or the ‘zombie drug’ is wreaking havoc in the UK after devastating US cities. Xylazine, originally used as an animal tranquillizer, has already claimed 11 lives in Britain and is spreading rapidly in the illegal drug market

Deadly drug 'Zombie Drug' invades Britain

Xylazine induces extreme sedation, leaving users in a trance-like state for hours, often with severe health consequences. Its respiratory-depressant properties can lead to fatal overdoses, and its potency causes necrosis, leaving users with rotting flesh wounds.

Deadly drug 'Zombie Drug' invades Britain

Despite being used mainly in veterinary medicine, xylazine has found its way into street drugs like heroin and fentanyl, intensifying their effects. Its alarming rise in the UK poses a significant threat to public health.

Efforts to combat the drug’s spread are hindered by its legal status and availability. With experts fearing the emergence of even more dangerous alternatives, urgent action is needed to address this growing crisis.

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