35-Year-Old Man Rescued By Police After Being Forced To Undergo Circumcision.


Police rescued a 35-year-old man who was about to be circumcised by angry cab drivers.


The incident happened recently in Narok area in Kenya.

The man, only identified as Brown, is said to be a taxi driver and his colleagues reportedly laid an ambush on him after they got a tip-off from his girlfriend that he was still uncircumcised.

“We recently got a tip-off from his close friends that he was not circumcised.

Ironically he has been insulting people by referring them as ‘kihii’ (uncircumcised). We laid an ambush and when we stripped him, we confirmed that he was indeed uncircumcised,” Standard quoted one of the taxi drivers.

In a report by the Standard, witnesses said that the man had been exhibiting ‘childish’ behaviour raising suspicion.

Other reports said that more than 50 cab drivers contributed money to help Brown undergo circumcision at the Narok County Referral Hospital.

He was also stripped naked and forced to walk around the town naked, before the police intervened and took him to Narok Police station.

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