80-year old man graduates with Msc degree from Lagos State University

80 year old msc graduate from Lagos State University - lailasnews

80 year old man has just gotten his MSC degree in International Relations from Lagos State University (LASU) and everyone is amazed.

Mr. Adio Igboro is been celebrated for bagging his MSc at the age of 80 years. His son, Usman Igboro shared the big news on social media. He shared pictures of his 80 year old father dressed in his academic gown on his convocation ceremony.

This comes in a time where many Nigerians do not believe in education and the Nigerian educational system. Most Nigerians reacting to the news are proud of Mr. Adio Igboro who still believed in taking his education further regardless of his age and gave thumbs up for his ability to still assimilate in his old age.

Recall that we shared a story of a man who regardless of failing JAMB 8 times went to graduate with a second class upper from the Ahmadu Bello university. Excited and proud Gabriel ‘Rymboxx’ Akhuetie took to his Facebook page to recount his ordeal trying to get a degree. Talked about the shame he had to face, the insults, the struggles, his tears and prayers until he finally got admitted in 2014. Now, he is proud of overcoming and proving nay-Sayers wrong.


  1. This is a great news.. Congratulations sir

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