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Another drama in Kenya! Church notes show women are increasingly beating up men

The church in Kirinyaga County, Kenya has raised a red flag over the increase of domestic violence incidents targeting men within the region.

The vice, they claim has gone unnoticed since traditional men do not express their weaknesses in public leaving the issue unaddressed.

But Bishop Joseph Kibucwa of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Kirinyaga Diocese feels that this is the right time to address and manage domestic violence targeting men before things get too far for a turning point.

“It is in the public domain that some women in our county are beating their husbands,” Kibucwa said during a Kenya Anglican Men’s Association confirmation session.

The event took place at the Kerugoya ACK church Cathedral where more than 200 men were in attendance.

Bishop Kibucwa notes that it is against the teachings of Christianity.

In Kirinyaga, the cases of men who are being battered by their wives has been on a constant rise.

Most incidents have gone unreported to the police, while a few have been reported to security officers especially in Gichugu Constituency.

It has been noted that women combine effort with their children to beat up the head of the family.

“There should be harmony in our homes. Women should not turn against their husbands and, children should respect their parents in order to live long lives,” the Bishop said.

The issue of men being bullied by the families they head has discouraged young men from marriage.

“Men are nowadays afraid of marriage. I mean, why would one get married to a person who will at some point in life, beat you up? So they take refuge in drugs and other vices,” he said.

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