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Ex-politician caught on camera be@ting wife to de3th

The trial of a former high-ranking politician in Kazakhstan, accused of fatally beating his wife, has gripped the nation, igniting demands for new laws against domestic violence.

Ex-politician caught on camera be@ting wife to de3th

Shocking footage streamed online from the court depicts businessman Kuandyk Bishimbayev, once the country’s economy minister, assaulting his wife, Saltanat Nukenova, at a family restaurant.

The case has struck a chord with the public, with thousands signing petitions for stricter laws to combat abuse.

Bishimbayev, 44, faces charges of torturing and killing his wife, who was found dead last November in a restaurant owned by his relative. CCTV footage captured him dragging, punching, and kicking her, resulting in her death from brain trauma.

His admission in court last month stirred outrage, prompting calls for justice and legislative action. The incident has sparked nationwide debate in a country where approximately 400 women reportedly die from domestic violence annually, according to a 2018 study.

The trial’s high visibility, streamed to millions online, and the subsequent public outcry have pushed for legislative change, with a bill toughening spousal abuse laws gaining momentum, dubbed “Saltanat’s Law” after the victim.

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