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Great Grandmother falls accidentally, d!es in daughter’s surprise party

Great-grandmother, Olwen Collier, lost her life while setting up for her daughter’s surprise birthday party, she mistakenly opened a cellar door, falling down the stairs and sustaining severe brain injuries. Despite efforts to save her, Olwen tragically passed away.

Great Grandmother falls accidentally, d!es in daughter's surprise party


The court heard of the pub’s safety negligence, deeming the setup “a fatal accident waiting to happen.” Poor lighting, unlocked doors, and inadequate signage contributed to the tragedy. The pub’s landlords, Philip and Tracy Hawkins, admitted to failing in their duty of health and safety.


Olwen’s devastated family mourns the loss of a vibrant woman known for her laughter and kindness. Her daughter, Allison Raymond, expressed disbelief and heartache over the sudden loss. The court acknowledged the defendants’ remorse but emphasized the severity of their negligence, sentencing them to suspended jail terms and community service.


This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety in public spaces to prevent similar accidents and spare families from enduring such devastating losses.

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