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“I regret ignoring Junior Pope’s dm” – Very Dark Man laments


Very Dark Man bared his heart out in a recent post he made on Instagram.

The controversial social activist said that late Nollywood actor Junior Pope had sent him a message on Instagram, but he didn’t reply.

In the message shared, Junior Pope had asked to speak with Very Dark Man on an urgent matter, and when he didn’t get a response, he deleted the messages.

Very Dark Man had said that the reason he didn’t reply to Junior Pope’s message is because he normally doesn’t like associating himself with celebrities because some of them have ulterior motives.

He went on to say that Junior Pope’s message was ominous, and it might have meant that he was in danger. Very Dark Man also insinuated that the message could be related to his death in one way or another.

Very Dark Man stated that Junior Pope’s message would be a reason for him to start looking into his case. He said that he didn’t want to get involved in the matter at first because of the approach he took to Mohbad’s case.

In Mohbad’s case, Very Dark Man had sought for a DNA test to be done on his son. He said in this video that there’s a possibility that Mohbad was killed because his wife was trying to hide the identity of the real father of her son.

Very Dark Man said that Nigerians used sentiment to analyze Mohbad’s case, so he took a step back, and that is why he was reluctant to pursue Junior Pope’s case at first.

According to Very Dark Man, there was negligence involved in Junior Pope’s death, but he feels like there’s something more to it. He also said that the people who were around Junior Pope around the time of his death should be questioned.

Watch the video below;

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