Kenyan accuses Nigerians of ‘stealing’ their women, selling drugs


Kenyan Twitter user has called for the deportation of Nigerians in the country, accusing them of “conning innocent Kenyans, selling drugs and stealing our women.”

The Twitter user, whose handle is @P_Kim_ made this request on the verified Twitter handle of the Kenyan Immigration agency, @ImmigrationDept when the agency asked its followers to report illegal immigrants in the country.

Responding, P Kim tweeted; “I would like to report: 1. Deport all the Chinese doing jobs that can be done by the locals. 2. Deport all the Nigerians conning innocent Kenyans, selling drugs & stealing our women. 3. Deport all Somalis of non-Kenyan origin.”


                              Kenyan accuses Nigerians of ‘stealing’ their women, selling drugs lailasnews 1

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