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King Charles is doing ‘very well’, says Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla has reassured the public saying ‘King Charles is doing ‘very well” during an event in Belfast

King Charles doing 'very well', Queen Camilla says

During her visit to Northern Ireland, Queen Camilla provided an update on King Charles’ health, reassuring the public that he is “doing very well” amid his cancer treatment. Charles has been absent from public engagements since January, with Camilla and Prince William representing the royal family in his absence.

Engaging with the crowd in Belfast, Camilla shared lighthearted moments, including joking with bakery workers and accepting well wishes for Charles from a schoolgirl. Her positive remarks about Charles’ condition offered comfort to well-wishers concerned about his health.

As Camilla and William continue to fulfil royal duties, they support the family while Princess Kate, the Princess of Wales, recovers from abdominal surgery.

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