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Kylie Jenner branded a ‘hypocrite’ for wearing fur slippers after Australian wildfires plea

Kylie Jenner has been branded a “disconnected” Instagram “hypocrite” after infuriating fans with a post about the Australian wildfires.

Fuelled by 40c heat and high winds, the raging fires have claimed the lives of an estimated half a billion animals across the country.

Twenty-three people were also confirmed to have died, 1500 homes destroyed and more residents are missing as reports suggest the fires show little sign of abating.

The 22-year-old billionaire re-posted a message on social media raising awareness for the plight of animal deaths due to the fires.

Her Instagram stories show an image of a koala being rescued by a fireman with the comment “Over half a billion animals have been killed in Australia. This breaks my heart.”

Just 12 hours later she posted an image of £1,080 Louis Vuitton real fur slippers, prompting followers to brand her a “hypocrite” and “so disconnected it’s unreal”.

The open toe pink slippers are made of real mink fur.

“Crying about Koalas dying while literally wearing the skin of this animal as slippers on her feet. Can she just shut the f*** up already ?!” one Twitter user called out.

Outrage among her following continued with many calling it “horrifying”, “ignorant” and “they just don’t care about world problems”.

The backlash to the influencer’s poorly timed social media post has led to a stream of people commenting on her pictures and demanding financial help with the ongoing wildfires.

Many Instagram followers are using her pictures to heap pressure on the socialite to contribute.

“Help with the Australian Bush fires please! This isn’t just an Australian crisis it’s the WORLDS crisis…We only have one chance on EARCTh don’t we want it to still be here for generations to come? DONATE, HELP, RAISE AWARENESS. USE YOUR PLATFORM.”

“Donate to Australia billionaire,” another comment said.

“I know that weave cost $ that could’ve benefited those koalas instead,” the stream of followers continue to point out.

It is unclear whether the Kardashian/Jenner family have in fact donated to the fire fighting funds. Other Instagram followers have alledged that their comments about donating to the fires have been deleted.

“ Kylie Jenner saying she’s heartbroken about bushfires in Australia just irks me. You and your family have literal billions!! You could so easily donate millions without jeopardising your lifestyle!! Saving families and animals > another f***n lip gloss launch,” one follower commented.

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