Lagos Police rescue drunk man lying unconscious by the road

Officers of the Lagos State Police Command have rescued a drunk man that was found lying unconscious by the road side.

In a report the police, the man was found by the officers on patrol along Awolowo Way, Ikeja. He was immediately rushed to the force’s ambulance section, where he was revived.

The Force wrote on their twitter page:

Friday Flexin’: Early this morning, RRS officers on Patrol along Awolowo Way, Ikeja found this man lying unconsciously by the road side. He was immediately rushed to our ambulance section where it was discovered he was intoxicated.

The man who was later revived by the officers, took them to the spot where he parked his car with the claims that he did not know how he wandered off from the spot

He was revived some hours later and then he took us to where his car was parked at the Shrine in Ikeja. He claimed not knowing how he “wandered” away from where it was parked.

Nigerians, while reacting to the swift action of the Police officers, praised them for their concerns on the citizens on the country and some blasted the man for making a mess of himself.

He was reportedly having fun at the New African Shrine in Ikeja before he passed out.

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