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Man dies after pastor buried him alive while hoping for resurrection


A Zambian pastor and his two congregants buried a member of their church alive in an attempt to emulate Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

James Sakara, who is a member of Zion Church in the Zambian town of Chidiza, was to resurrect on the third day after being buried alive.

It is not clear yet whether Sakara requested to be buried alive or he was persuaded by his pastor.

A Zambian-based television, Diamond TV, visited the area of the tragedy and interviewed sources and those involved in the whole saga.

The three men who were involved in the burial led by Pastor Luckson Phiri confirmed to the TV station that the incident indeed happened.

The pastor and his two congregants demonstrated how they dug a shallow grave, tied his hands and buried him alive. The retreated to their normal duties awaiting his resurrection.

After the third day of his resurrection lapsed, the curious pastor and his members were forced to dig the grave to establish why he had not resurrected. They found Sakara dead.

Attempts by the pastor and congregants to perform “spiritual exercises” in a bid to resurrect him were futile as their Sakara was already dead as a dodo.

Sakara was later laid to rest at his homestead as police launched a manhunt for the pastor and his two members who buried him alive.

Sakara has left behind a pregnant wife.

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