Man flings $100 bills from moving jeep on express road in Abuja

Man flings $100 bills from moving jeep on express road in Abuja lailasnews


A Nigerian lady has claimed that a man driving in his SUV on an express road in Abuja suddenly flung wads of $100 bills from his moving vehicle.
According to the lady, this caused mild chaos on the busy express road in Abuja – Katampe Express to be precise – as many drivers including her Uber driver stopped their vehicles to pick the littered bills on the road.
She posted on twitter:
The weirdest this just happened @oyanbo. As we pulled up on Katampe express, someone flung a bundle of hundred dollars bills from his SUV window. People including my Uber driver parked to pick. On the express like this. He got two bills but they look fake against one in my purse.

The dollar bills were however reported to be fake after being compared with original $100 bills.
Some people claimed that could be the new plot by robbers to rob greedy and unsuspecting commuters.
When you compare the picked dollars and the one you had previously you will see that the picked dollar is fake. This is a ploy to distract people and probably rob people that stop to pick $. Naija for live!” a commentator wrote


  1. Don’t worry, the next headline will be”LADY DIES AFTER PICKING DOLLARS IN ABUJA

  2. So this is another strategy for yahoo boys now

  3. Ritualists

  4. This kind of luck don’t normally come to me

  5. We’ are watching

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