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Mom abandons baby with note: “I deserve better”

Mom abandons baby with heartwrenching note: "I deserve better”

A security guard was patrolling the grounds of Ibika Clinic, Butterworth, South Africa on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 when she stumbled upon something that shocked her.

The security guard saw a box with a blanket in an open area, and she was on her way to kick it when she saw a tiny baby hand lifting up. To her shock, the guard found a new born baby in the box and she immediately called one of the nurses, who took the baby to Butterworth Hospital.

The note read, “Please take care of me or give me up for adoption. I deserve better than my mother could give me.”

According to the province’s Health Department spokesman Lwandile Sicwetsha, the baby is in a good condition at the hospital. However, Sicwetsha added the matter would be handed over to the police for investigation and to social services. He added the baby would be taken to a place of safety or be given up for adoption. However, an investigation has to be launched first. A Police spokesman said thus far no case had been opened, and they can not start with an investigation until one is opened.

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