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Why Tiwa Savage is the best female singer in Nigeria today

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With the recent drama between Nigerian singers Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage regarding who is a better singer, writer Oluwatobiloba ‘Crackitt’ Oluwatoyin reveals why he thinks Tiwa is the best singer in Nigeria today

Read his opinion below..

“Music in Nigeria is very dynamic and interesting; although there are many who believe they know what music is yet all they know is what they like to hear. I’m not here to say I know music, I’m simply here to let you know that there is only one reigning music queen in Nigeria and it is not Yemi Alade. This piece is not to throw jabs at anyone or belittle the efforts or achievement of any artiste, but to set the record straight and make people realize that popular music is not the same as singing ability or talent. When it comes to pitching two artistes against each other in terms of voice or stage craft and performance then Yemi Alade stands close to Tiwa Savage, but when it comes to lyrics, delivery and voice range then Yemi stands no chance

There are few songs that Yemi Alade has shown her range even though none could be said to be hits, while Tiwa Savage has released songs that showed the strength in her voice and the songs still made waves. Tiwa Savage’s first album Once Upon a time had songs like Wanted, Eminado, Kele Kele and the likes which showed her voice texture and these songs were hits but the same can’t be said of Yemi Alade who had songs like Duro Timi, Fall in Love, Catch You among other songs off her first album King of Queens also there is All Day and Sugar and Spice from her Mama Africa album

Surely you might have not heard any of them before because they didn’t make waves like Johnny, Kissing or Tangerine because having a good voice and making the song a hit takes more than just the voice, it is art. Yemi Alade is a good singer no doubt, but if her hit songs are still Johnny, TumBum, Ferarri and the likes then her selling point is not her voice and she should not even try to compete for the throne

Only one female artiste has effortlessly used her voice and amazing lyrics to still stay top of the game and there is no shaking her at the moment and that person is Tiwa Savage. So to respond to Yemi Alade’s claim that there is no number one in Nigeria, yes there is a number one female artiste in Nigeria, and it is Tiwa Savage”.

Lets know your own opinion.

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