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No existing federal road can last seven years – Umahi


No existing federal road can last seven years – Umahi

The Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, has declared that no existing federal road can last up to seven years.

He said the verdict was based on findings gathered during his recent road inspection tour crisscrossing the entire nation, noting that some roads are riddled with potholes and have deteriorated into “boreholes”.

The minister expressed his dissatisfaction over the poor jobs done by the contractors over the years while addressing contractors from the six geo-political zones at the ministry headquarters on Tuesday, in Abuja.

Expressing his dismay at how contractors cheat Nigerians with the materials they use to construct roads in the country, the minister said the contractors have been in the habit of increasing the cost of their projects to swindle the country through contract variation and the use of asphalt materials, which are subject to the international price of crude oil.

The former Ebonyi governor also questioned the unauthorised additional work undertaken by contractors and urged them to obtain proper authorisation. He emphasised the importance of thorough documentation and clearance procedures, making it clear that contracts would not be signed without the necessary design plans and original road blueprints.

While criticising workers in the ministry for not supervising road projects, the minister also castigated the entire construction industry in Nigeria, stating that the poor condition of the roads is partly due to a lack of professionalism and outdated construction methods and further directed all contractors to redesign their projects to concrete technology rather than asphalt and vowed not to pay any contractor who does not adhere to the directive.

According to the minister, claims that the cement price would go to N9,000 if the government starts doing concrete roads is false, as it is part of a big campaign of blackmail against him by the cabals in the construction industry.

“This is my line of instructions and I will do whatever the president instructs me to do he is the only one and God that can cancel my instructions so don’t waste your time reporting me to anyone apart from these two. No matter the amount of blackmail and lies, it will not prevail, the minister reassured.

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