Princess slams Uti for saying Cee-C is the most successful 2018 BBNaija housemate

Princess has slammed Uti Nwachukwu, for saying that Cee-C is the most successful 2018 BBNaija housemate while sharing her new campaign video.

Recall that we reported yesterday that the media personality who used Cee-C’s surname Nwadiora (a child accepted by all) to back his claim, the media personality stated that since the reality show star won the show, she has received massive support and hasn’t stopped “dishing it back to back”. Uti Nwachukwu who declared Cee-C the most successful 2018 BBNaija housemate, added that in Big Brother “there are always 2 winners; the winner of the grand prize and the one that beat the odds”.

He wrote in parts;

“In my tribute to her after BBnaija last year I wrote and I quote “In Big brother , there are always 2 Winners ,The winner of the Grand Prize and the one that beat the odds”

I went on further to say ”he sun Shines in it’s time and so does the Moon. PREPARE FOR YOUR TIME ..YOU ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL. I am no Prophet but Ladies and Gents, I present to you ….THE MOST SUCCESSFUL HOUSEMATE OF #BBnaija 2018″

However Princess who reacted, slammed Uti Nwachukwu for saying Cee-C is the most successful 2018 BBNaija housemate.According to her, the media personality should know better than to out-rightly quote a comparison.

She further added that the comparison is quite unnecessary as some of the housemates have gone through regrets, depression, anger and they have moved past it and are stronger now.

See her post below;


  1. Uti is right, but princess is equally right, the comparison is not necessary.

  2. I think princess is right, is Uti trying to make other firmer housemates feel bad or jealous??, it’s uncalled for

  3. People will start saying that Princess is jealous, but to me, she is not. We all know that Cee C is doing better than them, but you don’t have to rub it on their faces. It’s not necessary at all.

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