Real Madrid React Over Claims Sergio Ramos Tested Positive For Banned Drugs.



Real Madrid have defended captain Sergio Ramos over doping claims. In information published by whistle-blowers Der Spiegel, it was suggested that the Spaniard was tested positive for a banned substance after the 2017 Champions League final win over Juventus.


The substance, named dexamethasone, is only allowed if the team doctor discloses it in their report.

Dexamethasone was used as a pain relief to issues that Ramos was experiencing in his shoulder and knee.

But the player’s paperwork made no mention of the drug that has been put down to an “administrative error.”

An official Real Madrid statement read: “1. Sergio Ramos has never breached the anti-doping control regulations.

“2. UEFA requested timely information and closed the matter immediately, as is usual in these cases, after verification by the experts themselves of the World Anti-Doping Agency, AMA, and of UEFA itself.

“3. Regarding the rest of the content of the aforementioned publication, the club does not pronounce itself before the evidence of its insubstantial nature.”

Instead the doctor claimed that Ramos had received an injection of betamethasone, also banned if not declared by someone of the medical profession.

It was reported that the doctor put the wrong substance on the form because of the “excitement” and “euphoria” in the dressing room after the victory.

The doctor then added in his statement: “A human error, so understandable. It is clear that I have never intended to violate the anti-doping rules , ”

Der Spiegel also highlighted another issue with the 32-year-old following a league game against Malaga in April.

After the 2-1 victory, an official asked to test Ramos but the defender wanted to shower first.

The drug enforcer said it wasn’t allowed because, according to Spiegel, it can be seen as an obstruction to doping tests.

But Ramos went ahead and showered anyway, albeit in front of the official, and it was not seen as an interference by the anti-doping agency.

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