Sad photos show a young man’s shop before and after the Onitsha fire


Sad photos show a young man

Photos have been shared online, showing the damage done to businesses and properties following yesterday’s fire in Onitsha.


The Onitsha fire at Ochanja market led to the loss of lives and properties yesterday, October 16.


A loaded tanker on Wednesday spilled its content on the road at Upper Iweka Road in Onitsha. The spillage led to a fire incident that resulted in death and the destruction of several buildings and business premises in the commercial centre


The extent of the damage and the number of casualties are still not known. However, it’s been reported that the fire hasn’t been completely put out.


One of the heartbreaking photos shared online shows a side-by-side photo of a man’s business before and after the fire. The businessman’s store was razed to the ground with all his wares in it and he looked dejected as he stood in the midst of the wreckage.


See below.



Sad photos show a young man

Sad photos show a young man

Sad photos show a young man

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