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Singer Niyola recounts near death experience

Singer Niyola has recounted near death experience she had

Singer Niyola recounts near death experience
Singer Niyola recounts near death experience

Taking to her Instagram page, she revealed she was far gone but brought back by God.

Expressing her gratitude to God, she therefore urge her fans to keep praying for her full recovery.

She wrote;

”G R A T I T U D E Modupeoluwa

I just a near death experience and naturally it’s had me thinking about time,purpose and what truly matters.
One minute I was fine and the next thing I was on the floor fighting for my life.
All I remember after that is hearing a voice say

“And you shall by no means get hurt”

The rest of the story is too long to share but let me tell you, God is real and His words are true!!!!!!!!
But for God, it could have been different. I am so thankful.

If you’re still thinking there’s time to live outside of him, I beg you to rethink and give him your life now.
The days are truly dark,and only Christ is the true light that can chase the shadows away.
I have lost two people within the last two weeks, both under thirty so don’t think you’re too young and there’s time.

I know your strength is waning, but you’ll be glad to know that it’s in your weakness God’s strength is made perfect
What you don’t know is you are a target because you carry destiny and the frustration is to distract you from what you carry.

You can’t give up,you MUST WIN
I typically would put my thoughts in songs but I am not allowed to do any of that for now and I love you too much not to share.
Believe that as soon as I can, and with your prayers this experience is birthing a whole new project by God’s Grace.

I am much better now, but pls pray for my full recovery. The devil is a lieeeeee I go nowhere!

I love you 😘 ❤️”

Singer Niyola recounts near death experience

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