Stephanie Busari opens up on her divorce, warns ladies about pressure to get married

Stephanie Busari warns ladies about pressure to get married, opens up on her divorce


Stephanie Busari, a lead journalist has shared her divorce story, warning ladies to avoid being pressured into getting married.

In her story, Stephanie Busari revealed how she got married to her ex-husband largely out of pressure and how she ended up feeling miserable in an unhappy marriage that ended in a divorce.


She wrote;

#MarriageStory Ten years ago today I got married. It lasted 3 years and I came away with a beautiful daughter and a heart full of (some) regrets. Does one mark such an auspicious occasion? Or just quietly acknowledge as one of the hopes and dreams that didn’t quite pan out?

Thank you for all the kind messages and DMs. I rarely talk about my personal life, but I speak to so many young women feeling pressure to get married because of an imaginary timeline or a ticking biological clock.

These women feel like Mr Right Now is better than Mr Right, as long as they become a Mrs. Please DON’T do it! The sadness of an unhappy marriage and home seeps into your soul. It is crushing and turns you into a shell of who you are.

10 years later, and I am still so sad at how miserable I was. My ex-husband was not a bad person, but we were just desperately incompatible. Even I was surprised we ended up together! Make sure and be doubly sure and be sure again before you say I do.

I got married largely due to pressure. It enveloped me like a cloud. Every time an embossed handwritten envelope thudded through the letter box ‘inviting the pleasure of my parents company.’ I heard my mother’s heavy sigh, my father’s questioning glances.

Despite all my achievements, I was flying high in my career. I had bought a flat, all before 30, I felt like a failure because I wasn’t married. Parents have their own timeline for your life. You must create and embrace yours and BE HAPPY with your choices.


Stephanie Busari warns ladies about pressure to get married, opens up on her divorce

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