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Take the fight to the enemy – Minister of Police Affairs tells officers

Minister of Police Affairs Ibrahim Gaidam has urged the Nigeria Police Force to embrace a new strategy of proactivity and aggression to fight against the enemies of peace in the country

Take the fight to the enemy – Minister of Police Affairs tells officers
Take the fight to the enemy – Minister of Police Affairs tells officers

He stated this during an official visit of the ministers and management of the Ministry of Police Affairs to the headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force in Abuja.

The minister said the Nigeria Police Force should no longer wait for the enemy to strike but instead take the fight to their very doorstep.

“We must seek out their hideouts, disrupt their operations, and dismantle their networks piece by piece. I stand before you today not just as a minister but as a fellow warrior in the battle against terrorism and banditry that threatens our beloved nation.

“We are facing a formidable enemy, one that thrives in darkness and preys on fear and uncertainty. But I come to you with a message of hope and determination, a message that, together, we can overcome these challenges and emerge victorious,” he said.

He said the defensive approach has emboldened the enemies and allowed them to grow stronger, adding that it is time to change the narrative and shift the balance of power.

“By being proactive and taking the fight to the hideouts of the terrorists and bandits, we can weaken them, disrupt their plans, and ultimately defeat them,” the minister reiterated.

Gaidam acknowledged that the task will not be easy and requires courage, sacrifice, and unwavering determination.

“I have full faith in every one of you. I have seen your bravery on the frontlines in many peacekeeping missions, your dedication to duty, and your unwavering commitment to protecting our people,” he said.

“Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, a force that cannot be defeated.”

The minister pointed out that the Nigerian Police Force holds a special place in the hearts of our citizens and they are entrusted with the important responsibility of maintaining peace, protecting lives, and ensuring the security of the communities, adding that dedication and sacrifice in the face of numerous challenges are commendable.

Gaidam assured that the welfare and professional development of the police force are of paramount importance to the government.

He noted that government recognised the need to address the various challenges the police faced daily, including inadequate infrastructure, insufficient equipment, and limited resources.

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