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Tina Turner regretted not taking care of Kidneys two months before death


Tina Turner expressed regret over not taking better care of her kidneys in an Instagram post shared two months before her death.

The legendary singer, best known for her her hits “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “The Best,” died on Wednesday after a “long illness.” She was 83.

Turner’s cause of death hasn’t been shared, though the eight-time Grammy Award-winning singer experienced a number of health issues in recent years, including intestinal cancer, a stroke, and kidney failure.

In one of her final Instagram posts, which she shared on March 9, Turner opened up about how she put herself in “great danger” by initially ignoring the symptoms and severity of kidney disease.

Symptoms of kidney disease can include a lack of energy or problems concentrating, trouble sleeping, dry or itchy skin, the need to pee more than usual, blood in urine, puffiness around the eyes, swollen ankles and feet, a lack of appetite, and cramping muscles.

“Today is International World Kidney Day. Why is it important? Because kidneys fail without pain. And that’s why I’m telling you today: Show your kidneys love! They deserve it,” her post began.

Tina Turner

“My kidneys are victims of my not realising that my high blood pressure should have been treated with conventional medicine,” she continued. “I have put myself in great danger by refusing to face the reality that I need daily, lifelong therapy with medication.”

“For far too long I believed that my body was an untouchable and indestructible bastion.”

Turner then directed her followers to a website where she described her experience with kidney failure in more detail.

In the lengthy post, the singer said that she was first diagnosed with hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, 45 years ago in 1978. Around this time, Turner was touring and she said that she “didn’t care much about” it.

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