Today’s men are so cheap you can’t have sex with them on first date – Lady

A lady has taken to to Facebook to narrate why she believes men are so cheap. According to her, men are so cheap that a lady can have sex with them on the first date.

Men are so cheap you can't have sex with them on first date - Lady


Sharing an instance of how she went on a date with a guy, the lady identified as Ndalama Liphadzi Nndanganeni wrote:

“So i met a guy last week he asked me out on a date after that we went to my place and had sex fine, so now its been a week he’s busy sending sms’s, 100 missed calls psst i wont respond to them he’s loose i mean what kinda men gives you his dick on a 1st date!? Where is his self respect and morals? Us ladies want men who value themselves, if he could have sex with me on the 1st date who knows how many 1st date sex’s he’s had? Sies men of nowadays have no self respect, where are those men who waited 90days before giving you sex? Whos gonna marry a man like that huh!? He should be ashamed of himself nxa”.

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