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Top actress Anita Joseph reveals why female celebrities find it hard to stay married

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In a recent interview with Sunnewsonline, Anita dished out tips on relationships and how they can best be managed.

When she was asked a question pertaining to celebrity marriages, she had this to say:

“Civilisation has its disadvantages and this is one of them. As women work, they have become independent and will not take any form of abuse from a man. It used to be that every mum had a business or was just a stay-at-home mum taking care of the kids; but now the status quo has changed. Women now work and can make the decision to leave if they are not being treated right, not minding where the upkeep is coming from, as they can provide for themselves and their children.”

Speaking on forgiveness and cheating husbands, Anita said, “To me, a man that cheats is saying, ‘I prefer someone else’ so what is the point? I will forgive but forgiveness is not reconciliation. If he is not satisfied with me, Anita, then he belongs to someone else.”


According to the talented actress, everyone should look before they leap when it comes to relationships to avoid broken homes.

In her words: “It is not a spur of the moment thing. It happens like that because of our job. Being busy while in a relationship, you think you know the person, but he turns out to be someone who you don’t recognise, and you run for cover. It is a natural phenomenon. But I would advise couples to look before leaping.”


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Anita Joseph is a Nigerian actress and singer who hails from Anambra state in south east Nigeria. She was born on 4 January and is a graduate of Mass Communication from University of Calabar.

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