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Transgender woman gets life in prison for shocking murder of her boyfriend’s toddler granddaughter

Shayla Angeline Boniello, a Texas transgender woman previously known as Shawn Vincent Boniello, got slapped with life in prison for murdering the toddler granddaughter of her boyfriend two years ago.


There will be no chance for parole for Shayla Angeline Boniello after the transgender woman murdered the poor little toddler.

Patricia Ann Rader was just 20 months old when the Boniello killed her on December 3, 2019.

Boniello pleaded guilty to the heinous crime — a capital murder.


At first it looked as if prosecutors were going to seek the death penalty for Boniello after the transgender woman killed the toddler.

But then they learned that she suffers from a traumatic brain injury.

“Boniello’s nonviolent past and traumatic brain injury would render any death verdict insufficient and thus be reversed on appeal,” the Milam County District Attorney said in a press release about the transgender Shayla Angeline’s personal circumstances surrounding her murder of the toddler.

Media reports indicate that Boniello slayed the little girl in a shocking fit of violence.

The transgender Shayla Angeline Boniello told the authorities that she was consumed with wrath and frustration when she killed the toddler.

She squeezed the little girl so hard she heard her bones pop and shatter.

This attack on the toddler on the part of the transgender Shayla Angeline Boniello lasted for at least three minutes.

Rader’s family says that Boniello beat their little girl on other occasions as well.

The grandfather had also been granted temporary custody of the toddler whom his transgender girlfiend, Shayla Angeline Boniello, so brutally murdered.

Emergency crews were summoned to the grandfather’s home in Rockdale Texas on December 3, 2018, to attend to an unresponsive child.

The little girl was pronounced dead on the scene.

The little girl’s family is incensed that Boniello was spared the death penalty.

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