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‘Trump’s may have dementia,’ expert says

Donald Trump’s behaviour in court is raising eyebrows, with a psychologist suggesting it’s akin to dementia. During his hush money trial, Trump has been observed dozing off at the defense table, sparking worries about his mental state.

Trump's courtroom naps spark concerns of dementia, expert says

Psychologist Dr. John Gartner highlighted Trump’s frequent courtroom naps, noting they’re “consistent with a diagnosis of dementia.” Witnesses report Trump nodding off during proceedings, despite efforts to keep him awake.

Falling asleep in court is highly unusual, especially for a defendant like Trump. Dr. Gartner emphasized that even under stress, adrenaline typically keeps people alert. Trump faces 34 felony charges related to concealing hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Dr. Gartner believes Trump’s sleep issues stem from dementia-related brain deterioration, suggesting Trump’s inability to control his sleep-wake cycle is a sign of advanced stages.

Trump's courtroom naps spark concerns of dementia, expert says

Trump’s courtroom behavior, including alleged flatulence, has drawn widespread attention, raising questions about his fitness for trial.

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