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Twitter influencer, Daniel Regha jumps on viral dance challenge (Video)

Daniel Regha has triggered online reactions after a video of him participating in the viral ‘Tshwala Bam’ challenge surfaced on social media

Influencer, Daniel Regha stirs buzz as he jumps on viral ‘Tshwala Bam’ challenge

The X (formerly Twitter) influencer in the video could be seen shaking his body passionately in line with the rhythm of the South African jam.

Regha’s struggle to perfectly do the dance subsequently became a subject of online chit chat as a lot of netizens were amused by the clip.

Watch the video below:


While some mocked his dance moves, others offered some unsolicited pieces of advice to the influencer just as he does to others.

One dr_godwin wrote: “Person weh no sabi Dance , Dey Analyze Musician wey sabi sing and the one weh no sabi Sing 🎤 😂.”

robyekpo wrote: “Dear Daniel, with all the problems going on in the country you think it’s best to dance in the bush as if hunger, kidnapping, smuggling, etc isn’t a problem to you? Please set your priorities straight and be an example to people who look up yo you to make a difference. My opinion. Cheers! 🍻”

classy_jesters wrote: “Bro is Glitching. 170ms 😂😂.”

calabar_chic wrote: “Daniel, the face cap 🧢 should have been facing wherever else… I don’t know but nau but don’t you think so🤔 don’t you think you should’ve wore Ankara instead? You tried sha!”

ibekweofficial wrote: “Daniel, it’s a shame that while Nigerians are going through severe hardship, you’re online showing off absolute happiness and Tinubu-like dance steps. Do better, @danielregha.”

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