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Wildfires sweep through Mexico

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has revealed that at least four individuals have lost their lives amidst a surge of wildfires sweeping through Mexico

Forest fires spread in Mexico, at least four dead
Wildfires sweep through Mexico

A series of wildfires have ravaged Mexico, claiming the lives of at least four individuals, as confirmed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in a recent statement.

The fatalities have been reported exclusively from Mexico state, the nation’s most densely populated region encircling the capital.

Mexico is currently facing a serious crisis with 116 forest fires burning across the country.

These fires have destroyed over 13,000 hectares of land and have been documented as far south as Chiapas state, which borders Guatemala.

The reasons for the fires vary, and they include both deliberate arson and unintended ignition from agricultural operations.

As of March 15th, approximately 400 fires have been recorded in Mexico. Human activity is largely responsible for this alarming situation.

As Mexico works to control these wildfires, authorities and firefighters are fighting to contain the fires and protect people and property.

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