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Your Prayers Can’t Be Answered When You Maltreat Your Wife – Mike Bamiloye

Founder of Mount Zion Ministries, Mike Bamiloye has reminded men who maltreat their wives that their prayers can’t be answered.

The cleric said that men who hurt their wives are in return hurting themselves

He said this in a post via his Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Men and bros, listen to me! Men and brethren, listen to me. When you are maltreating your wife, it is yourself you are doing!” the clergyman said.

“When you are hurting your wife, it is yourself you are hurting. When you are starving your wife to punish her, it is yourself you are starving.

“Listen to me, bros and men. Your prayers will not be able to turn the situation around when you are violent and inhumane and inconsiderate and unloving to the wife of our youth. She cries all night long, you don’t even care.”

The gospel film actor affirmed that any man who “insults, starves, punishes, or maltreats” his wife is ruining himself.

“She hurts terribly in her heart. You don’t even look in her direction. You abandon her at home with three or four children and go your way on a business trip and personal vacation, cruising from cost to cost

“You are only making a deposit to a bank of future calamity and you will make your withdrawals with full interest. You cannot miss your rewards, it is yourself you are doing. Well done.

“Clap for yourself for maltreating the wife you vowed in the presence of God and witness of the church to love and cherish in sickness, and in health, for better and for worse. You are doing yourself.”

The pastor quoted 1 Peter 3:7 in the Bible, saying “If ye keep doing all these things, YOUR PRAYERS WILL BE HINDERED. YOUR PRAYERS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.”

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