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Nobody agreed to carry me when I was born, because of my face” – Uwaezuoke

Veteran Nollywood actor, Uwazuoke has shared his challenging childhood experiences on the discrimination he faced due to his unique appearance and stature.

In an interview, the seasoned movie star said because of his peculiar facial features, nobody wanted to carry him when he was born.

Raised in a family with a history of tragedy, Uwazuoke disclosed that his father had fathered 11 children, yet every male child tragically passed away at the age of 25.

Despite this, he said his birth was not met with excitement in the community due to his distinctive facial features.

Uwazuoke recounted how his mother faced rejection in the community because of him.

Throughout his formative years, he grappled with the harsh reality of being treated differently by his peers and even his love interests.

He candidly revealed that, women often lose interest upon seeing him, a situation he said made him dread the idea of relationships.

Despite these challenges, Uwazuoke remains steadfast in his belief in himself, asserting that no one is superior to him except God.

Now with his attained fame, he said he receives a warm reception from his countrymen.


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