Yomi Fabiyi releases movie based on Baba Ijesha’s sexual assault case


Yomi Fabiyi has debuted a new movie titled, Oko Iyabo, based on the ongoing sexual assault case involving colleague Baba Ijesha and comedian Princess.

In the film titled ‘Oko Iyabo’, Fabiyi depicts Baba Ijesha as a victim of a set up orchestrated by Princess. The characters in the film take on the names of the individuals involved in the case including actress, Iyabo Ojo whom the story seemingly centers around.

The Iyabo character is portrayed first as a young child from a dysfunctional home. Princess’s foster daughter is also portrayed as a young woman in a consenting sexual with Lanre (Baba Ijesha). The movie stars Fabiyi, veteran actors Adewale Elesho and Lola Idije.

It can be recalled that adter Baba Ijesha was arraigned in court on Wednesday, June 16, Yomi said the police has no evidence that Baba defiled because the victim insisted that the actor did not defiled her.

He also called for the prosecution of the adults who set up CCTV record for the actor to be caught. According to him, fighting for the right of the child means getting justice against all abuses and assault done on the child.

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